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Game Loot Network’s Global Debut: The Referral System

Game Loot Network just began the pre-launch for a worldwide referral system. Users can now earn revenue by sharing the Game Loot Network platform. Affiliates earn commission when they invite friends, family, and others to play Game Loot Network games. Blockchain technology allows users to quickly verify their identity and receive compensation in real-time. The genius of this referral model comes from the structure of the revolutionary rewards program. Affiliates take part in an internal economy, where cryptocurrency fuels exponentially increasing benefits. As more members join the platform to play games, the Game Loot Network crypto, LOOT, decreases in supply and rises in value.

Unlike other affiliate programs that require the shipment and storage of physical products, referral members can share the GLN platform all over the world with the touch of a button. For enrolled users, this means that generating revenue is as simple as sharing a link. The referral system opens itself to both casual and heavily involved members. Affiliates can earn a little extra revenue by inviting friends and family, or they can create income-replacing commissions by spreading the platform across the globe.

It’s rare to be invited to take part in the next big thing. Rockets like Bitcoin take off without warning, and you’re left wondering how you missed out. The gaming industry produces over 100 billion dollars each year. And Game Loot Network has positioned itself to disrupt this gigantic market while its users share in the rewards. Your chance to be at the ground floor just arrived.

A promotional event called the LOOT Jumpstart Bonus coincides with the referral system’s debut. Until July 31st you can earn bonus LOOT for getting involved before the rest of the pack. Learn more about the Game Loot Network revolution, the LOOT Jumpstart Bonus, and how you can grab a piece of the action at

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