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Game Loot Network San Francisco Spotlight

Last month, Game Loot Network attended the annual Game Developers conference in San Francisco. The event created the perfect opportunity for Game Loot Network to see the best gaming technology in the industry and form strategic partnerships to aid their users. The event hosted interactive booths, with market leaders like Facebook and Amazon presenting VR journeys and digital thrills. Independent developers and artists dazzled with their handcrafted projects, and the Game Loot Network team met them all excitedly, thrilled with what these professionals could offer the GLN platform and the LOOT token. Expect more games, more use-cases, and more demand for LOOT.

After the event, company leadership held an exclusive happy-hour with drinks and gourmet appetisers. The private banquet room, rented out by management, attracted the best and brightest from the Game Developers Conference. Meetings were held, hands were shaken, and groundbreaking deals were struck to be announced to platform members soon!

After business, a group from the GLN team visited the best spots in San Francisco. They sailed to Alcatraz, sampled the city’s best food, and toured around enjoying the Game Loot Network lifestyle — style and luxury.

Then, plans were made for their next stop on the Game Loot Network global tour. Look for the crew in Brazil, Italy, Africa, and around the global nation of Game Loot Network.

Maybe the team will come to your town next!


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